Corporate Uniforms

We at KRO Uniforms have been helping restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, gyms and many other businesses since 2005 to create their own personalised corporate image, taking into account the current needs of the market.
Uniformes corporativos personalizados


The KRO Uniforms team will take care of reflecting your style and brand, through different options, such as:

Uniformity and aesthetics

The type of establishment will dictate the protocol that employees should follow. It is not the same in a theme park restaurant as in a 2 Michelin star restaurant.

Appearance, uniform and service attitude are part of the company’s identity.

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding of everything we perceive, feel and are moved by. And in an almost unconscious way, when we buy or pay for a service, we are looking for an objective with which we feel identified. An example of this is when we sit in a restaurant, a place where millions of sensory points are awakened.

As professionals, we must take care of our image to reinforce the establishment’s brand.

Peluqueras con uniforme personalizado